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    Hello Marines,

    My name is William. I'am currently fifteen, turning sixteen towards the end of this year. It'll be time to see a recruiter before i know it, but i see it as my responsibility to gain as much knowledge as i can before i even set foot in a recruiters office. My question is about MOS contracts. What are the other contracts to choose from other than an open contract, and what do they offer/provide? Is there one better than others? I'd really appreciate your assistance to my questions as i continue to further expand my knowledge.

    Thanks much,
    William Joyce

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    There is open contracts, which means the Corps can stick you into any MOS they want to. Most contracts are into MOS fields...ex. you get contracted to 03xx(infantry), 13xx(engineer), 18xx(tanks and tracks), etc. and then you'll get your actual MOS once you graduate boot camp.

    There is a few contracts that you can get that will get you a specific MOS as long as you pass all the requirements leading up to the school/training. Recon, Security Forces, and Crew Chief are just a few that I know of that you can get contracted into(again, as long as you can pass all the pre-req's).

    It's good that your doing some research now but don't worry about it to much. You have a few years to consider what you are going to do.

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    Thank you for responding. So there are actually single occ. field contracts? Atleast for right now I'am interested in the 18xx occ field, tank crewman. Is it common for enlistees to have to wait for there desired contract to become available?

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    yes there are single occ./specific MOS contracts but not for every MOS.

    If you went with 18xx, you could get get into tanks or AAV's(amphibious assault vehicle).

    And yes you can DEP in say in the summer and then pick your contract in October when the new fiscal year starts and the MOS list opens up for the new year. I cannot say if it is common or not because I just don't know.

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    Thank you so much for the help LCpl Warhol.

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