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    I am enlisted as of recently and now I am looking into jobs. Originally, I was convinced that the Signals Intelligence field would be a good fit for me, because I am person that likes working with tech. Then I found out that in order to get into that field, I would have to request Intelligence and hope for the best. I decided to go for it, and I took the DLAB last week. I surprised myself by scoring a 133, and now my recruiter wants me to go for the Crypto-Linguist job because I did so well on the test.

    Thing is, if you asked me a month ago, I would have said that being a linguist was one of the LAST things in the world that I want to do. I think that my hesitation to be a linguist stems from my aversion to high school Spanish. Which I've realized is probably a poor excuse to not go for it. But at the same time, it's still definitely not the type of job that I have ever pictured myself doing. Before I decided to join the Marines, I wanted to go to college for computer science (btw I'm starting grade 12 in a month).

    I get that I will have good experiences no matter what job I have, and I'm sure I'll appreciate being a Marine in anything I do. But I also want to prepare myself for the career I will have. Other fields that I've looked at include Avionics and Electronics Maintenance. I also scored 94 on the ASVAB, and I am free of any Police/Drug involvement, so I should qualify for almost any job. And I do plan on going to college during and/or after my service.

    So what field should I go for? I would appreciate any advice to sway me in the right direction.

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    This is an entirely personal choice, all of us here could tell you the good, the bad, and otherwise for every MOS out there we know about but ultimately it comes down to what you want.

    That said, if you can get into the Intel field I would strongly suggest taking it. Intel can open up a lot of doors for you in the future with the clearance you'll be required to have.

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    But doesn't Cryptologic Linguist also require the top secret security clearance? If I'm going for a job with the clearance, I could choose either field. It also my understanding that Linguist is a harder field to get into, because of the requirement to pass the DLAB. And I've heard that Linguists tend to get a lot of bonuses. Can anyone confirm this information?

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    Rhode Island was a crypto/intel guy -- I bet he can help. Try PMing him or wait untill he comes around and notices this thread.

    Good luck.

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    You will need a TSSC for both fields.
    Not to sway you but go Intel.
    There are many sub-units to Intel that will allow you to travel, bonuses, choice of duty stations should you decide to re-up, rank, etc, etc.

    If you decide not to stay in the private sector will be chasing you down with a job offer because of your experience $$$$$.

    Good luck to you.

    BTW, square away your profile. I do not see your Recruiters name, rank and phone number.

    Read the sticky for Poolees please.

    You only have a limited time to get this done or I will change your status to " Marine Friend" instead of Poolee/DEP...

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    Thank you, Rhode Island. My recruiter now has requested Intel for me. And I updated my profile, as you asked.

    I appreciate your input, Marines. Thank you so much.

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