question about waiting for your mos
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    question about waiting for your mos

    well originally i wanted linguist. i built alot of dreams around that job for when i get out later. that wasnt there then yesterday i signed a contract for aviationc something, the field that has air traffic control. now the only jobs left are motor t chef legal admin and aviation ordinance. i told my recruiter since nothing was left i wanted the aviation ordinance. but if i wait until october when the year starts over do all the jobs just magically reset and open up? aviation ordinance sounds cool but will i would much rather try my luck in the linguist field. so if i dont ship on my original date which september 24, how long after that will i be able to ship out? if i wait for my desired mos how long will that be? will this **** off my recruiter?

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    Hey, jekudo, you want some answers to your questions?

    You better go back and read the rules. Your profile is dismal and needs some intell, son!

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    does that mean fill it out more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jekudo View Post
    does that mean fill it out more?

    Yes, that means fill it out more.....and how about using capital letters at beginning of sentences, capitalize the letter "I", and use commas and punctuation marks where needed.
    And all of your questions can be answered by your recruiter.

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