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    Toxic Marine

    Good Morning Marines,
    I am currently dealing with a nasty illness, my doctor believes is related to chemical exposure during my time at El Toro and Tustin during the 70's. I am fighting with the VA for compensation and disability. If any one out there is in a similar situation, please join in and we can fight this thing together. I was forced to retire due to the severity of my illness and the side effects of the meds I am on are just as bad as the illness. I see now what they mean by practicing medicine - the doctors are still guessing and keeping me medicated so I can participate in life. Sucks!!
    If anyone out there has any answers, please join in!
    Toxic Marine in Crosby

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    PM me. I have some thoughts that may help you. I deal with many patients with similar problems - pesticide exposures, chemicals, heavy metals, etc.

    Semper Fi,

    Dr. Tom Murray

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    Hello Dr. Tom Murray,
    Excuse the rookie question, but was is PM stand for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJRAWLS View Post
    Hello Dr. Tom Murray,
    Excuse the rookie question, but was is PM stand for?
    "Prrivate message", click on the members name and a list of options will appear.

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    What is your illness so I can see if it is on the list for Service Connected Disability Compensation for your dates of service and duty stations ?

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    Here is a link from an attorney site that contains information re: TCE water contamination at El Toro:

    Also check out the link on the site to mwsg37.

    Also read this article:

    Do some searching on the web. There is quite a bit out there about toxicity at El Toro. Start with googling "toxic water at MCAS El Toro" or "TCE at MCAS El Toro."

    I assume you have a diagnosis?

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    Hello MOS4429,
    Thanks for jumping on board and helping out. I will continue to research and work on my health issues. I was forced to retire from the PO due to the severity of my illness. I can now focus and my health and helping others in the same situation.
    Thanks again, Marine for your input.

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