New Here; Have a Few Questions
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    New Here; Have a Few Questions

    Good evening ladies and gentleman! I`m new here, and first off, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for serving our country. Also, thank you in advance for being willing to help a wannabe out and giving advice. I`m only 15, so I`ve still got a few years, but I`m always trying to learn more about joining the Marines.

    I definitely want to attend college some point for a journalism degree, but I don`t know if I should become enlisted and attend college after I get out, or try to become an officer by NROTC, OCS, or PLC. The way I see it, the benefits from enlisting would definitely help me pay fro college, and if I could get an NROTC scholarship, that would also be very helpful, considering your tuition is paid, but OCS or PLC could work out if I had finanical aid.

    I also know that a select few can go from enlisted to officer, but that`s pretty hard to do, am I correct? In a way, I could see myself doing that, because I think it might be a good idea to be enlisted for a while, and then maybe become an officer.

    I`m sorry I`m so wishy-washy about whether I`d like to become an enlistee or officer, but no matter what, I most definitely would like to become a Marine.

    I appreciate any advice from anyone. Thank you.

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    Sorry, I mean "gentlemen" not "gentleman".

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    Here is my suggestion I give to just about every one of you younger kids(no offense meant but I am 27 so..). Stay motivated through HS, get good grades, stay in good shape, and stay out of trouble. Get into and go to college. If you don't get into college, or if you truly feel it is not what you want then enlist. If you do get into college, then go!...Do a year or two and see how it goes, from there you can decide to enlist or continue on and seek a commission as an officer. Or maybe you'll forget about the Marine Corps all together.

    My point is to do as best as you can in HS and continue on to college. From that point you can decide what you want to do. You are only 15, so many things will change in your mind in the next few years. Also the Marine Corps is going to be much different by then also.

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    At your age I applaud you for making the effort to map out your future. The LCpl's advice sounds like a good approach. One comment, however. if you pursue a career in journalism, the Marine Corps is the best -- and is highly regarded of all the services. Albeit biased, check out the USMC Combat Correspondents Assn. Within our field is the first recipient in U.S. military of the Congressional Medal of Honor (Wm Perkins, deceased). Our lineage goes back to the flag raising in Iwo Jima. A degree in journalism will put you down this very distinguished path which only a few in the Corps can join.

    Lastly, as a female interested in the Corps, Google this person: Major Megan M. McClung. USMC. Good Luck.

    Semper fi,
    F. Lee
    USMC Combat Correspondents Assn.

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    Thank you, LCpl Warhol and SSgt Lee. I appreciate the information. I`ll definitely do well in school, stay out of trouble and I`ll look into the Combat Correspondants Assn. Thank you again.

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    I won't say get good grades and all that because you already said you will.

    But make sure that your classes are college preparatory classes. Get in at least 3 years foreign language. Take upper level math courses, chemistry, trig, etc. Take AP courses or whatever your state calls college prep courses.

    And then I would suggest that you ask what you really want to do and then pursue both. If you really want to become a Marine officer, pursue that avenue. In the process, you will be preparing yourself to be enlisted, and enlisting can become your fallback position.

    Cost of college is a factor, yes. There are ways around it. You can do 2 years at a community college and then transfer. You can get outstanding grades and get an academic scholarship. There are grants available. Save. Start now. My daughter started when she was 15 and put away $12k for college. If where you attend high school you can also take college courses, like college connection or the equivalent, start that now while in high school. You can knock out a bunch of GE credits.

    You say one of your interests is running. Are you any good at it? There are a lot of scholarships available to female runners, many more than males. If you are good at it, and you don't have to be fantastic, you might surprise yourself and land a running scholarship. Of course, you have to be on a cross-country team and run track.

    Setting as a goal to go to college and become an officer will prepare you to enlist, and if college does not work out, if you don't go NROTC, get a scholarship, financial aid, etc., then you can enlist.

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    Welcome to the forum Claire.

    I just read your post and for a 15 year old you are mapping out your future which is wonderful.

    You have received some Great Feedback from the Marines here.

    As time goes on and the years go by I will be looking forward to reading about your progress.

    I look forward to the day you sign the dotted line and Earn the Title of a " United States Marine "

    I hear the Marines are looking for a few good Women. I think they were talking about you.

    Best of luck Claire.


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    Thank you very much for the advice, SSgt! Yes, I am on the track team at school, and am half-way decent. I have been considering NROTC and also USNA, and figuring on applying to both; I can always enlist, but if I apply (and get a scholarship to NROTC or get accepted to USNA, which I`m aware of how hard it is to get into), then I at least have the option of doing that. I am going to be taking an AP class this year, and plan on taking 2 AP classes in 11th grade. In 12th grade we can be dual-enrolled with the local community college and I pan on taking 2 dual-enrollment classes then. I also plan on taking high math and science classes. I will also be taking my 3rd year of Spanish this year.

    LCpl, I appreciate the encouragement. You all are very encouraging and helpful to all of us wannabees of this website! I definitely will be asking many questions as the years go by, and will be sure to let you all know the day I sign the dotted line.

    Until then, I`ll be preparing for that day and will be learning more from all of you!

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    I applaud your desire and determination to become a Marine. It is a good and honorable profession.

    I would like to say along with your other plans and activities.... please take some time to be a kid. Many of us over the years have recognized the fact we skipped much of our teen years due to over planning our lives.

    Stay on course... continue with your current activities and good grades... but also take the time to simply enjoy being young. The Corps will be here when you are ready.

    Good luck to you.

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    Thank you, Sir. I`ll remember that.

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    Good morning, Marines. I have a couple more questions about a few MOS`s I was interested in. I`ve decided I`m going to try to become an officer, but am also still thinking about enlisting in case becoming an officer doesn`t work out. So I`ve searched the internet and this website but there aren`t too many good descriptions of them besides the basics.

    I`m interested in 0621 (Field Radio Operator), 4341 (Combat Correspondent), and 0231 (Intelligence Specialist). I was also wondering if women could be in the Marine Air Ground Task Force. I know they aren`t allowed as a combat Marine, but what about for Civil Affairs (0531)? I was also wondering if Combat Correspondents get deployed. I know it has the word "combat" in it, but I was reading in another thread a Marine said he hated being a 4341 because he sat in an office all day in the states and didn`t really do anything. Is this true?

    I appreciate any and all answers, thank you!

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    Claire -- That 4341 Marine must be new or downright incompetent. Yes, a Combat Correspondent DEFINITELY gets deployed at some point of his/her term in service. Like civilian counterparts, e.g., news reporter, writer, cameraman, etc., public affairs' (PA) mission is to get the story. That often times translates the story not being at the rear but very FRONT!

    You can also be a public affairs officer (4302) but very seldom is a junior officer chosen (at least captain or major). If you are seeking PA as a career officer, the highest rank you are likely to attain will be full colonel. PA's career track to general rank is limited if not impossible. The Corps is combat-centric thus General officer ranks come mostly from infantry or air wing commands. Nothing to sneeze about Public Affairs, however. It is a pretty good job -- and an excellent bridge to civilian world, especially here in Los Angeles where movie, t.v. show, etc. producers must clear with PAO any project involving the Marine Corps. Example: Some "Marine" movies may not have the famous Marine Corps hymn in the background because permission not granted by PAO. The Corps has the final say as to how it, its music, emblem, etc. shall be represented. Numerous former PAO and Combat Correspondent Marines have received Academy Awards, Emmys, Pulitzers and other distinguished awards for their work.
    Good luck.

    Semper fi,

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    I appreciate that new information very much, SSgt! Glad to hear that I would be deployed at some point, as I wouldn`t want to sit in some office back in the States the whole time. If I enlist, that`s something I`ve really been seriously considering. I`ve also been interested in Public Affairs if I become an officer. Do they ever write any, or do they mostly just direct things and talk to the public?

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    Here you go Claire.

    Marine Corps Public Affairs Officers.

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    Thank you, sir. Very valuable website. Information appreciated.

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