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    Exclamation Getting into Marine PLC/OCS

    Im 17 years old and seriously interested in joining the Marine Corps by either enlisting or going to college and taking the officer route. I have started to lean closer towards becoming an officer through OCC. I currently am very lightweighted, only weighing 125lbs at the height of 5'8. At the moment, i can do 17 pull ups, 100 crunches, and run around 20min on the 3 mile. I have mediocre high school grades with a current gpa of a 3.6. I have a job at a car wash and am one of 4 crew-leaders (a leadership position) out of over 80 employees. I have participated in no sports. What are my chances of getting into OCS/PLC? Im also worried that i wont be able to pass. I would hate to come home to my family as a disappointment. I personally believe i would be a good leader. I have a very strong work ethic, and have gained a lot of from my co-workers. Should i enlist or become an officer? Thanks in Advance!

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    Ethan, there's nothing wrong with asking questions, but you seem to have asked these questions about wanting to become a Marine Corps Officer for well over a year and half now, just worded differently.
    Have you bothered to follow up with what info that was given to you?
    None of the Marines here know what your chances of getting into OCS/PLC are. That's entirely up to you. I suggest you talk with an OSO (Officer Selections Officer) and take it from there.

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    Thanks, where can i communicate with an OSO? I completely forgot that i had asked a question similar to this. Is there any way you can at least tell me how my weight might impact me? Thanks again

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    You should be able to go to your RSS and talk with a Marine Corps Officer there.
    And again, no one knows how your weight might impact you.

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    Okay, well thanks for your insight.

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    One step at a time there killer!..Its great that you have aspirations to be an Officer of Marines but you need to graduate HS and get into college first. Once you get through your first year and have a decent GPA going that is the time when you need to go talk with your local OSO. An OSO is not going to take you serious until you are in college and have some sort or transcript/record going. After that year of school under your belt and you have talked with an OSO about your commissioning possibilities then you can decide to continue on with school and the OCS route or enlist and become a Marine.

    As far as your height and weight go I wouldn't worry about it too much. You are only 17, if you are keeping in top top shape(you need to in order to stay competitive for OCS/PLC board) and eating properly you WILL put on weight and I am sure you'll get a bit taller still too. Your height/weight isn't something you can control, you need to concern yourself with school/GPA, your fitness(PFT and CFT), and staying out of trouble(no drugs, limited drinking..I was 17 once also I know what goes on). If you put up a strong package to the board(high GPA, good LOR's, high PFT and CFT, extra curricular activities, etc) your height and weight wont matter really.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I am about to go through my second attempt at getting to OCS(1st at 21, 2nd now at 27 soon to be 28 and currently enlisted) so while I may not be an expert I can usually answer most questions that you may have.

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