I would like to brain storm something for school
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    I would like to brain storm something for school

    Please give me some good reasons why you think every able bodied 18 something high school graduate should serve in the military and then upon honorable discharge receive a free college education.

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    How about an argument as to why I think every able bodied 18 year shouldn't serve and get a free education??

    We live in a federal constitutional republic where upon being a legal adult we are free to make our own decisions about"life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Doing something like this would completely go against the oath we take when we enlist as United States Marines to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    I will agree that serving in the military is a service that should be considered by everyone because of the positive effects it can have. But if everyone had to do it the honor of serving your country would no longer exist, it would just be something that we do as citizens. Kind of goes along the same as if everyone could be a Marine then the title we hold wouldn't mean the same anymore and the Corps would be fundamentally different.

    I know this is for school as you said and you may or may not really believe this personally. But I think a stronger argument can be made as to why we shouldn't do this.

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    i think it would be a good idea that way when the govt decides to go to war every mothers child will be involved and they may not declare war so quickly
    also if there had been people in the colorado theater who were properly instructed in what to do in the event of an ambush you don't duck and run away ..you seek cover and then attack through the enemy ..if more people had been running toward the gunman i think less people would have died
    the gunman is the wolf he feeds off of your fear and if you attack him when he is attacking you it would catch him off guard ...it is better to die on your feet than die on your knees
    Semper Fi

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    Required service in the U.S. Military would have benefits.
    For the achieves there would be alternatives - Marines- Special Forces-etc.

    Pride in your country- self responsibility-

    Free college ?
    Why ?

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    I believe all able-bodied adults should give something back to our great nation. Don't think just because they're able-bodied though that should translate to military service as many don't have the warrior spirit or can adapt to the austere lifestyle. There are many other ways to serve like the Peace Corps, AmeriCares, etc. Make them serve but put them in the best scenario to be successful based on their strengths.

    The free education is an incentive for the all-volunteer force. But, it also worked during the draft. Guess you can say it is a type of reward for faithful service.

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    I think it's a great idea. Not just college but other schooling like; plumming, welding, truck driver, etc. Some good things for vets out there.

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    Thank-you for the replys everyone. The way it is going to work is I have to argue for or against any topic of my choosing. I chose this one. I will have: researched with references, supporting arguments and the professor will play the devils advocate. I was hoping to get some good ideas for supporting argument research and you all didn't let me down. Kudos
    Semper Fi.

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    If you have the time, you might want to read "Starship Troopers" by Robert Heinlein. Not the lame PC movie. There are interesting citizenship concepts in there.

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    Next time I hire a ditch digger or brick layer or plumber or auto mech, I will make sure they have a college degree or they wont work for me.

    And when I go to the restaurants, Ill make darn sure them chefs, and dish washers got degrees too.

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    I enlisted in 72, at the age of 17. My parents had to sign for me. I grew up with world war two vets. Mostly marines. I developed a pride in my country and felt it a duty to serve, as those who had gone before me, had. It was vietnam. I got spit on in nyc 3 times, my best friend in high school called me a lt. Calley! I,am proud of and love my country. Let some of these welfare basturds earn what we give them!

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