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    there is entirely too much waste in the education system at all levels... Sanders wants "free college education" for all because the universities these days are the fermenting grounds of SOCIALISM, and our boy Bernie is a self admitted SOCIALIST.. what better way to support his political views than to have every kid get free college and be indoctrinated into socialism.... NOT EVERY ONE IS COLLEGE MATERIAL ... many of the kids that go to college "tuition free" under these state VA programs are only there because there IS NO COST TO THEM, they enroll, and promptly drop out or flunk out after one or maybe two semesters... IMHO, the best means of granting free college is by means of scholarships, simply opening the doors to every kid "fresh out of high school without any idea of what to do next, so I'll go to college" is a waste of time, money, and space.... save the "freebies" for those that will truly make USE of them.....

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    I agree with you Top, everyone that goes to college now seems to want to major in useless degrees like political science or art major, or creative photography or some such, it seems no one wants to go into welding, even though they are crying for welders now, or useful things like that.

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    GREAT post Top. I thought you might enjoy this comment. Do you know what the difference between a communist and socialist is...communist have guns!!!

    Semper Fi,

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    I just joined this forum, because of this post. I wanted to find out more information about it. I have a few questions if someone could elaborate on it.
    I am 50% disabled rated from the military. Crushed wrist, broken hand, and broken pelvis. I have two metal plates in my right wrist, two pins in my left hand, and metal plate on my pelvis, and no I don't want to talk about what happened to me in the Corps. I love the Corps, but I don't want to talk about it. I have 3 kids, 24, 18, and 14. We live in South Carolina, so that is part of my question. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton 3/9 Kilo while I was in. Moved around a lot after the service, came back to the states. Are my children eligible even if I live in SC?

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    Ask Oldtop.....he might know...

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    orozcom1: usually not... VA benefits awarded by a STATE require that you be a RESIDENT of that state... some states (like Louisiana) require that you have established residency for at least one year before eligibility for state benefits can be established.... also, there is generally an age limit for the dependents to use the benefits available...

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    Can you update us on how the program worked for you. Did they accept your form and did you actually get both of your girls through the Cal State system, with tuition not charged. Any updates would be appreciated.

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