Navy Federal CU before boot
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    Navy Federal CU before boot

    I'm trying to get all my finances in order before I leave next month, and I saw on the NFCU website that I can join the credit union now. From what I've read on older threads, I can bring the account info with me to boot camp and they'll set up that account to be my direct deposit. Is this correct? I am aware that the money won't be there right away. I am just looking to clarify this so I don't end up with 4 bank accounts out there. Thanks for your time

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    The last sentence made me laugh .
    Yes Chelsea you are correct in what you wrote.
    Get it done now.

    Good Luck to you and see you in 3 months with " The Title "...

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    Unless they changed back to Navy Fed, I know if you are west coast and go to MCRD San Diego you'll get Pacific Marine CU not Navy Fed. I would advise not opening a bank account, they will set one up for you when you get there.

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    I'm going to PI, and I'm going to call NFCU tomorrow to figure this out. Thanks

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    I would suggest getting the account that they will give you by default in boot camp. If you wish to change banks after that, then do so after you are done with boot camp and MCT. The reason I say this, is because it will be somewhat difficult bringing along all your bank information, and getting all the paperwork done properly. MCRD is creating 100s of accounts per week, and mistakes are made when trying to set up your direct deposit to an existing account. Just my $.02

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