Boot camp tips? Workout plan before boot camp?
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    Boot camp tips? Workout plan before boot camp?

    Does anyone have any tips to make getting through boot camp easier and also does anyone have a good work out plan before you go?

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    You can read everything in the Poolee Section on what others are doing.

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    Do your best everyday and sound off (yell) as loud as you can and you'll be good-to-go.

    Your questions have been asked a thousand times on this site. Do a search and see what you can find. Also, read the stickies at the top of the page.

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    Pull ups are your money maker. 5 points per pull up will increase your PFT score drastically. I suggest doing a pyramid style workout, alternating between Pull ups and Push ups, or Pull ups and Crunches.

    1 Pull up + 10 push ups/crunches
    2 Pull ups + 10 push ups/crunches
    All the way up to your goal for each week, and then back down.

    Keep in mind that a Marine Corps push up is a (4) count exercise; 2 pushups counts as 1 repetition.

    Cardio and endurance will take you a long way (pun intended).

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    Scream as loud as you can, and then scream louder. Then learn the phrase "it is what it is". Learn from mistakes. Exercise before you leave for boot. Simple.

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    Never be the last one to do anything. Stand out in a good way. Stay motivated. Don't be a sissy when things get rough, because they will. Be loud all of the time. Don't get injured. Don't fake or over-play an injury. BE SMART.

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