MEPS Tempoary DQ question?
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    MEPS Tempoary DQ question?

    I recently got TDQ'ed for some refraction close to the limit in my eye. I heard this was not to big of a deal as MEPS is sending me to see a civilian consult. I went to my own eye doctor and he said my eyes were okay other than needing glasses. I would like any input you can give me about receiving a waiver and such. thanks

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    There are no doctors frequenting this website. If you have a medical question that hasnít already been answered by searching the forums, youíll have to contact a recruiting office. If they cannot answer your question, you may be directed to a medical representative from MEPS.

    Again, read that one carefully. We are Marines (and a few Corpsman). We are not doctors. Medical questions will usually be answered by someone cutting and pasting a section from the website. We cannot explain why your waiver was denied and someone elses was granted. Sorry but that's the way THAT is, too.

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    I was just asking if any Marines on here went through the same thing I am and what the results were

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