Questions about the band
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    Questions about the band

    Hey there,
    I just found out today that one of my junior Marines plays an instrument, and in fact passed the audition for the band when she was in the DEP. But, the wait to go was too long, so she passed it up in order to leave sooner.

    What I need to know is if she is still eligible, if she has to re-audition, if she would have to lat move, and whether she would have to wait the obligatory two years before she could go ago.

    Shes a good Marine and would really be better off in the band than in my shop, hopefully yall can help! Thanks!

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    I have a son that's in the Navy band. Now is not a good time to be in any military band. The service is down-sizing. The military bands is taking a big hit in the defense budget cuts. They are going to close down many bands, and reenlistment in this MOS is a shot in the dark right now. Thank your Democrats for this turn of events.

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    Yep, if anyone did it, it had to be the democrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    Yep, if anyone did it, it had to be the democrats.

    I agree with you, Gunny! I am glad we can count on you to vote Republican.

    Semper Fi!

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    Maybe so, but it sure will not be Rommel. I plan on doing a write in.

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    So much is changing with our military today it certainly would be no surprise if the various service bands disappeared. I would hate it as I thoroughly enjoy the different field bands assigned to the various bases not to mention "The President's Own" and "The Commandant's Own". Reminds me of the current situation with more-and-more cities around the nation getting rid of their police and fire departments because they cannot afford to pay the salaries anymore. With the service bands, it's more of a manpower issue than it is a fiscal one but the results are the same...they are no longer around and we all suffer as a result. What a shame; what a sign of the times.

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