A friend of mine sent this to me. I thought I'd share it with my fellow Brothers and Sisters:

Dear Lord,

We come together tonight to say a prayer for our Airmen, Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Ladies of the United States Military, All Guardsmen and all of Our Allied Forces from our Coalition Nations. Our voice is becoming stronger with each passing night, as we are praying together to keep them all safe.

Lord, thank You for another chance to be together to pray for our loved ones that are so far away, doing a job that they have been trained to do. We pray for their safety, we ask that You cover them all with the Shield of Protection, that we all have come to pray for. We pray for You to give them guidance to help them make the right choices to keep themselves and those around them safe, we pray for the strength that You supply them with, to get through the tough days that they have, we pray for the courage that You give them, to make sure that they see each new sunrise, and each sunset. We pray for all of that, and more, we pray for them to be home as soon as possible, we pray that they are well and safe. Thank You for all of our Blessings, help us to recognize them, help us to understand them.

Lord, we ask that You help our doctors, be the best they can be for our Warriors, help them to find the right cures, the right medicines, the right help, for all of our Wounded Warriors, our Veterans, and all of their families. We know that they need us to be strong for them, help us to be strong, Lord, help us to stand up and be all that we can be, when they need us most, they have made so many sacrifices for us, we all owe them that much, and more.

Lord, also help our POW, Sgt Bowe Bergdahl find his way home, he is needed here, his family and friends miss him dearly, it has been far to long since they have seen him. Lord, help our world leaders find the right paths, make the right choices, to honor and take care of our Veterans, to help Sgt Bergdahl get home, to end this war, help our world leaders to understand, that when they are home they need help, and to see to it, in the name of Jesus, this we pray together, Amen