Can i go to MEPs and swear in without picking a job?
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    Can i go to MEPs and swear in without picking a job?

    I want to be a Marine and been going to PT and studying for the asvab but at the moment, i don't qualify for the job i want which is 5831 corrections specialist or 5811 military police due to the fact that im a permanent resident and not a citizen. My recruiter told me that i can go join DEP and go to MEPS and swear in without choosing a job and then once i get my citizenship i can pick the job. ( At the moment i am doing the naturalization process and it should be done in less then 6months ). Am i able to do this or is my recruiter bsing me?

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    What is your ultimate goal? I assume your main goal is to become a U.S. Marine. If that is the case, then you should do what is necessary to get into the Corps. You may not qualify for the job at the moment, but once you become a Marine, you will have the opportunity to do a lateral move to a different MOS after you have spent a few years in. Look at some of the many other opportunities that the Marine Corps would afford you. I can understand wanting a specific job, but becoming a Marine is the most important step you will take in your life.

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    My main goal is to become a marine, it has always been but i don't want to be stuck doing a job i would hate but i talked to my recruiter and he said i will be in DEP until i graduate high school so i have a whole year. Finishing my paper works Monday and hopefully MEPS early august.

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