My Meps Mistake and questions.
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    My Meps Mistake and questions.

    Okay so heres my question.

    Earlier this year while living in another state I attempted to Join the Marines. After going through the paperwork and process I went to meps. Weeks later, I was told I had failed for THC (marijuana) and was now barred from entry into every branch, everywhere. Period.

    Rewind a few days.

    When asked the questions of my history of drugs, violence, record and everything else by my recruiter, I told him absolute honesty.

    He asked me things like what drugs id ever experimented with, done etc. I told him about my experiences with weed. And i told him how recent they were, how frequent. and the last time i had smoked, which was in recent days to my meeting with him.

    So, we filled the documents out and etc. Went through everything. The day that Meps came I spoke with my recruiter. I told him that 1 week prior i had bought a at home test and was still failing for thc.

    He then took a Urine sample, and then The gunnery Sergeant Took a 2nd seperate urine sample. Both came up clean, catastrophe averted, so i'd thought.

    Now im sitting here questioning any options.
    I dont have a record..Ive been in college, i did well on my asvab and Im not a drug abuser...I was front with my recruiter and I wound up a lil bit on the bad i literally ****ED..or is there any kind of option?

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    How do you know you were barred from any branch? Who told you that? Is there something in writing stating that?

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    Nothing in writing.

    No sir, Nothing in writing. But i have been told by various people in the services and across various boards online that it would require a waiver for me to enter because my failed pis test was at MEPS.

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    OK, being barred from service and requiring a waiver are two different things. Barred means you cannot even apply. A drug waiver means you can apply but are asking for the rules to be bent in your particular case.

    The way I see your situation is you gambled and lost. You knew, and admitted, you had smoked recently. You peed in the bottle a couple times for your recruiters and, based on what they said, felt clean enough to pee in the bottle again at MEPS. Obviously, the test they use at MEPS has tighter controls than the test the recruiters use but unfortunately for you, it's the one that counts. Can't say about your options; recruiters would know.

    I would say since you admit to using an illegal substance (THC); that makes you a drug abuser. I know it's difficult to look in the mirror sometimes and admit to what we see.

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    I understand that..

    But i was told that getting a waiver nowadays is basically a no go..

    and as for the drug abuser part..well. It is just my personal opinion...but screwin around with somethin in college and being a dopehead are two different things. At least to some of us.

    Thanks for your time, im not trying to sound rude at all if im coming off that way, sir.

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    You just saw what screwin around with somethin in college gets you. They may be two different things but the price you will pay is the same. So, what's the difference really?

    This is your first wake-up call. You can continue to screw around with somethin until it messes up another life opportunity. At some point, you have to grow up, accept responsibility for your actions, and clean up your act (unless of course you don't mind getting shot down all the time). There are other professions besides the military that do not tolerate drug abuse.

    You are right about drug waivers. There are more than enough applicants out there who are not screwin around with somethin like you are. They will be given an opportunity to serve before you will (and rightfully so).

    There is a zero tolerance in the USMC for drug abuse. Pop positive and you're kicked out no questions asked and no second chances. With your attitude towards just screwin around, how do you figure to be around very long if they did bend the rules and let you in? Do you want to earn the title or smoke weed...doing both is out of the question.

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    I completely agree with you on the recreations vs. dopehead/abuser argument, I was a college student once to(before I enlisted). And I also commend you on being as honest as you are here and were with the recruiter and such.

    That said...You should have known better and this is just my opinion but I think you're SOL. You knew you were trying to join the Corps, why would you even put yourself into a position to smoke and pop on the **** test?...Say you did get in, graduate boot, and once you hit the fleet if you were hangin out with the boys back home would you have the integrity to say no to taking a hit or two?...Based on this I would have to say no.

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    Yeah your correct i suppose. i cant argue with that logic. live and learn and grow from ones mistakes.

    Well, As much as i wanted to be in the Marines i guess im perma-out. Maybe try again when WW3 kicks in if policy changes, heh. As for the other branches of service? i guess ill have to look into that for myself.

    Thank you so much for your time Sir. Appreciate your honest criticisms.

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    I was a college student once too. In fact, earned my BS degree from Southern Illinois University in 1981. Does that mean I used "recreation drugs" like marijuana...NO IT DOES NOT. I was on active duty at the time and knew the consequences (even if I were not on active I wouldn't screw around with somethin that's illegal no matter how recreational it is...but, that's just me). Ever hear the phrase "don't do the crime if you can't do the time"? If you're going to continue breaking the law then accept the consequences when you get caught.

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    Damn bro you first messed up at admiting that you did in fact smoke the good good, second of all why did you smoke weed and then go take a **** test? You should have given yourself like a ****ing month before you went to MEPS.

    Going off your track record you probably would have for some reason decided to smoke weed while on leave just to come back to a **** test. Not sure why some Marines cant wait until their EAS but hey thats their dumb asses choice.

    Any how this is a tricky situation, the Corps is a very unforgiving mistress, and her lovers are even more unforgiving, so your chances with the Marine Corps are unlikely. But hey that does not mean you cant keep trying, all you need to do is fine the right person. Or try another branch willing to give you a shot.

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    we did wait a month. day of meps had been thirty days, and thats when my S-sgt and G-sgt ****ed me and i passed. thats why we thought i was clean. Its not like I was smokin up and goin in a few days later, no.

    But at this point it doesn't matter, you Gents have given me my answer.

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    WhaaaaaT? Damn I thought it took about a month to wash out of your system... We learn something new every day I suppose. Lets find an answer to this question then!

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    Yeah i mean My recruiter just so happened to go on a 30 day vacation like a day after i originally sat with him and told him i smoked and everything. He told me to pound water and PT 3-4 times a week. I did exactly what he told me. I mean I wasn't face smashing weed and then trying to join the Corps, I'm not a complete idiot lol, just partial apparently.

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    So even if i finish college and wait a few years i still can't try again? or if things change will i be able to attempt once more?

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    I was being understanding in my first response to you, now all I hear from you is excuses. It all boils down to this though....You knew you wanted to join the Corps at some point and you f***ed up. You should have know better than even do it once knowing it would hinder your chances at enlisting. Kinda cliche but you made your bed, now you have to sleep in it.

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