Employment Opportunities After Medical Seperation
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    Employment Opportunities After Medical Seperation

    Good evening.
    I have advanced arthritis in both knees and have already had a surgery on each knee to lesson tension.
    I just received my disability rating from the va and will be back in my home state in about a month.
    I'm only 25 and have decent mobility.

    I'm wondering what type of job opportunities might be available to someone in my condition.

    Thank you for your time,
    LCpl Timmons

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    Here you go Brother.
    Good Luck to you.


    Semper Fi,

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    I suggest using your post 911 gi bill and go to school if you dont have college done. Get some college under your belt to make yourself more of an assett to a company. Your getting out at a bad time. The Corps you probably were anxious to leave is pretty. You should be getting dissability as well so that should help you. Did you get higher then 30% dissability? If so you can be hired on a higher veterans preference.

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