Prior Service attempting Commission
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    Prior Service attempting Commission

    Not sure if this is the right section of the forum but here is my back round/questions. I am a prior enlisted 0311 trying to apply for OCC yet failed BUMED due to slight service related hearing loss from a pretty intense firefight in Afghanistan in 2006. It is only high pitched decibels and my daily life has had zero issues with this "hearing loss". As the doctor at MEPs said, "basically you cant hear dog whistles". But I failed my BUMED. Looking for what to do next. I have set up private doctors appointments but know I can operate and do my job 100%- as I was active duty infantry and know what it takes to be a Marine officer overseas. I plan on having the private doctor use strong language in his letter of recommendation. My issue though is I got out of the Corps to get my college degree and commission. And here I am but having issues going about it. My package is, from what I have been told, stellar and lacks zero issues for the board, other than the slight hearing loss. If I fail my BUMED with the private doctors recommendation what are my options? How "high up" can I take this. I have various connections to congressman and senators, I worked in DC over summer in college. I realize I am not a doctor and some will say that their recommendation for a no go due to this hearing loss is best for the Corps as they know more about medical issues than me. However, I know I can be an asset to the Corps with my combat experience in Afghan and Iraq, my gained knowledge on leadership since I EASed, my physical fitness is better now than it ever was while I was in, and my dedication to the warrior ethos mentally of living my daily life has really transformed to accommodate my desire to make being a Marine my career until retirement. Suggestions and tips would be appreciated.


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    Suggestions and tips would be appreciated.
    I suggest that you fill out your profile first, or you won't get much of a response.

    PM a squad leader when you get that done and we can help you out.

    Good luck.

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