Should I keep trying to get into the Marines?
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    Should I keep trying to get into the Marines?

    So here's the short version of a long story, I've wanted to be a Marine for as long as i can remember. I talked to a recruiter for 2 1/2 years and i finally graduated high school 3 months ago. Shortly afterwords my recruiter took me up to MEPS where i scored 72 on the ASVAB but failed the physical because I have a refraction in my left eye that's .25 over the requirements for the Marines. Both the Marine recruiters at MEPS and my recruiter think i can get a medical wavier but I don't want to get into Marines if at one point i can be a liability. What do you guys think?

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    #1 how about calling us by the title we EARNED = Marines.

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    #2 Answers will follow more information on your profile

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    I've known Marines with a lot worse waivers than that. Can you function normally with this? It sounds like you might need a little thicker glasses or contacts; hardly a huge problem. If it's waiver-able, then they obviously think you're fit to serve. Quit over-thinking the situation and try for the waiver. The worse they will do is deny it.

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    Topic closed. Fill out more of your profile besides a first and last rules, which can be found in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums. When profile is complete, PM any Squad Leader from the Squad Leaders sticky thread that can be found in the Ask A Marine forum so your topic can be reopened.

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