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    Warriors story

    Warriors may be bent by war but we are NEVER broken! God has raised us up for a reason and war was just part of the training. the wounds we have suffered have only helped to sharpen our swords. Scars are stronger than normal flesh. We have a great purpose and a monumental task ahead. If we look at the goal instead if focusing on the scars we will become more than conquers. We will adapt and overcome. When we become what we were called to become, we will have a dynamic testimony that the world needs to hear. Quitters are looser's! You and your family are called to overcome so you can become someones hope, example of overcoming. you not only can do it; you MUST do it! the world waits for real champions are you up to the call? Will you be someones champion?

    Lord help us to focus on the finish line not the race. Keep us ever thankful to be chosen for this task. We march on to victory with you in the lead. Thank you Lord for making me strong and courageous. AMEN!

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    Thank you! I really needed to hear that today.

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