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    1st FSSG

    lookin for anybody from 74 to 86 that worked in MT 13th area FSSG

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    I wasn't in MT but I was with Hell Bent Charlie Co. 7th engr suppt Bn. 1st FSSG from 81-82

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    roger thanks for getting back to me but i looking for some things that happen while i was a pltoon sgt in mt

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    Your a Marine, this is a Marine Site, why didn't you post the Particulars? Need the Info, I know a few who were there at that time in MT. give us an intel dump and maybe we could solve the prob. faster

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    well here it goes while i was there a young Marine from my pltoon was killed and i don't know his name but i have to prove it i trying to get in touch with anybody that might remember the name of the marine also there was a fire at 29 plams i think a CSSD operation that killed i think 26 marines and i can't prove it i tried the newspaper in both places and the people at my service connection board thinks i dream this up i can't get serviced connection until i prove this kind of **** i have a bad case of PTSD

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    was that fire out at camp wilson down the hill from the EAF airfield?

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    Roger that I will see what I can find out, thanks for the Intel.....Hang in there Brother we're here for you!

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    yes the fire was does or do you know anything about it i hope so i'm not nuts

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    I remember there was a fire out at camp wilson in 1982 in tent city.Can't remember about any deaths ?

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    i can't remember if the year was 82 sounds about right i think they were a reserve unit but i don't know from were i have check the 29 palms archieve and hey can't help any help you can give it would be great the fire was started by a diesel heater if i remember right i thought 26 people burn up i remeber we had to clean up the mess thanks for everything and would you put everything in writing for my doctors was you station at the run way then
    if so i probley deliever supply to you we took a lot of stuff to there and from there like belly tanks back to yuma

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    I was at the EAF from2/82 til 2/83 ,I do remember it was a tent heater that caused the fire . Anything to help.

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    man if you would sent me a letter telling what you know about it would help a lot my e mail is rubiecd@mchsi.com and thanks

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