Questions about awards.
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    Questions about awards.

    I have been out of the Corps for five years now (03-07 Active) and it has been bothering me for about three years now that I never put one of my Marines in for an award that I think he deserves; we should have both received some sort of recognition. The act/acts happened on 11-30-05 and 12-1-05 on a convoy, canít go into detail now as I am at work.

    My questions are: is it still possible to put him in for at least a Navy and Marine Corps achievement Medal? Who/where would I submit the paper work (I am no longer IRR so I would not have any type of command)? And can I do it alone or do I need other statements (which I could most likely get)?

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    You need to fill out your profile COMPLETELY so other Marines know who they are talking to.

    We normally close threads because of lack of profile, but I am going to leave this open.

    What rank were you? What is it that you want to put him in for?

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    Sorry I never dove into the profile section of the site. I added the main parts and will have to think about the extra questions. I will try to finish Monday.

    I was a Corporal at the time.

    Basically we were 1371's, combat engineers, attached to a convoy as on call demo. Our mission was to be on stand by for any mines or any areas that need to be searched for mines. On this convoy we found three IEDs and destroyed them in place; as we know this is a job reserved for EOD. We also had to destroy an LVS that hit an IED (one Marine broke his jaw but no other injuries). The next day we encountered two insurgents that tried to attack our convoy with and "IED rocket". As the MPs caught the and "talked" we searched the area for other weapons and then had to destroy the UXO/IED that they were trying to use.

    I guess the main thing is that I asked him to do a lot of things that were out of our billet, and dangerous(although I was very careful and did not take on anything we could not handle)

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Doubt anybody here can answer your questions unless they work at HQMC.

    Recommend you contact the awards branch at HQMC as they are the duty experts and probably where you'll have to submit the paperwork anyway if they say you can.

    Normally, award recommendations are submitted by one's Commanding Officer via the chain of command (unless it can be awarded at the unit level) but yours is a special circumstance.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Tennessee Top.
    I was able to find the man power site at:
    I will be contacting them later today via phone to try and get some answers. I will update the post with what I find out.

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    If there is still an awards branch, manpower will refer you to them but at least maybe they can give you the phone numbers/link.

    They may require a witness (besides yourself) affidavit to collaborate your story. This is to prevent people from trying to get awards for their buddies.

    Good luck; interested to read what you find out.

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    So I am curious, what award are you looking to put them in for?

    Not to be a wet blanket, what did they do that went above and beyond?

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