How can I deploy?
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    How can I deploy?

    Good afternoon Marines! Please forgive me for making yet another post about this, but I have indeed done a search and didn't find the answers I was looking for. I am a Reserve Radio Operator 0621, my unit is not slated to deploy any time soon. I want to deploy but I don't know how. I have looked for/at RDOL and all those sites, G1 Global Billetting (nothing longer than 2 weeks). But I have been unsuccessful. Can someone please help me, give me advice, or direct me to a post that clearly answers this? Again, thank you for any assistance I get.

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    push it up your chain of command and your I&I staff. It took me almost 3 years of bugging the $hit out of my Plt. Sgt., Plt. Cmdr., and 1st Sgt. to get on this this pump to Afghanistan I just did. Use your chain of command, this is what they are there for.

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    Submit an AA Form to MARFORRES requesting an IA billet for deployment. They have certain billets they have to source throughout the year, and based on the rank/BILMOS requirement, you may get lucky.

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