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    health issues

    When i graduate high school i want to enlist in the Marine Corps, but one of my legs is kinda bent. My sister said i can get a brace or surgery to make it straight. It doesn't really mess with my walking or running but i was wondering if it could mess up my chances for joining later on. Would I have to get it fixed?

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    There are no doctors frequenting this website. If you have a medical question that hasnít already been answered by searching the forums, youíll have to contact a recruiting office. If they cannot answer your question, you may be directed to a medical representative from MEPS.

    Again, read that one carefully. We are Marines (and a few Corpsman). We are not doctors. Medical questions will usually be answered by someone cutting and pasting a section from the website. We cannot explain why your waiver was denied and someone elses was granted. Sorry but that's the way THAT is, too.!

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    A brace won't straighten it out (they're for support only). Surgery may work but then you'd most likely get turned down for a history of leg surgery (the USMC is very peculiar about legs and feet as you'll use them a LOT).

    Just curious; how did it get kinda bent in the first place? Does it make one leg shorter than the other? If one leg is shorter doesn't it make you walk with a limp?

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    thank you for the reply sir, i'm not sure how it got bent but i think its always been bent. It isn't shorter than the other one but it makes my foot have an angle to it so i kinda have to walk with a rolling motion on it so the outside of my heel hits the ground first, that way I won't be of balance.

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    A picture please, post a picture please.

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    DEAR CARLA Being a corpman Top is right in what he said>I wish you all the best and I would reccommend the surgery so it would be more comfortable for you to walk. Goodluck and godbless you

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    No pics, huh, Carla?

    My eighy four year old G-Ma can operate a camera

    No response either,, hmm,, but you started two new threads (one about leaving country after boot, one is wondering if you have to get married before you goto boot camp due to your kids).

    My BS detector is high in the sky.

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    I was thinking the same thing reading her threads.

    And, the crooked leg thread also.

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    I'm thinking this is a troll ,

    Female profile.
    male name..
    Maybe a cross dresser
    trans gender

    any takers ???

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