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    Quote Originally Posted by SoftballCatch23 View Post
    ok thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by The DUKE View Post
    you do not even want to step out onto them yellow footprints and wind up in PCP,
    good god you will be in such a world of hurt if you don't pass that initial PFT
    I did a few weekend details to help out the DI;s running them poor bastards through the little chu-loi villiage back in the day,
    dropping smoke granade's in the tunnels so they come out choking on the other end and puke up their breakfast or lunch,
    or firing live ammo over them at a safe distance of course, but they dont know that, these little pussies never heard a shot fired in anger in their whole lives so theyre ****ing and ****ting all the way through the muid trials,
    then to top it off we got to ride int he back of the duce and a half and watch them drop out like flies on the run back to the barracks, you really wanna do that **** for the first two or three weeks your there since you cant work off that last 10-15 lbs here, not too bright boy.
    Didnt know all that went down, and no I really dont wanna do PCP. not at all. Not just because of what you said, although thats probably gonna help motivate me to run till I die O_O I really hope I can drop the weight. IST is no issue for me, im passing everything now, even the pull ups. Ive already dropped 3 pounds thanks to the advice from yall and even though you probably think im retarded I really appreciate the advice

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    down to 225 now woo shipping seems likely

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