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Thread: Poser??

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    Exclamation Poser??

    What do all of you think. Poser or not. Says he is Recon over in Cali but, all of his pictures you can see are screwy as well as his comments. Not really adding up to me.

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    if that is his real name, this guy is full of $hit. looked up the name and different combos of it on MOL and nothing came up

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    plus i have seen a few of those pictures before all over the internet so all he had to do was copy and paste

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    oh and just realized something in one of "his" pictures. The one about "the ride up to camp" they are in 29 Palms at one of the ranges/MOUT towns. Looks like he is trying to say they were in country somewhere.

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    here is another red flag....the names he tagged in the group photo(which are SEALs, not Marines) were all like 15 year old kids

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    He's from Chicago, you should tell you everything... POSER...!!!

    Recon is not in San Diego either...

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    I'll also vote poser - carefully chosen photos (Google?) with not a single name tape showing

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxtrotOscar View Post
    He's from Chicago, you should tell you everything... POSER...!!!

    Recon is not in San Diego either...
    not defending this guy but 1st Recon is out of Pendleton, I know a few guys with the 1st that live in San Diego(Escondido and Del Mar area)

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    It says his page on Facebook is unavailable or it has been deleted. Can't see nothing. Maybe he realized what deep sh!t he was in and deleted it.

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    I put hell to him. I checked on MOL as well. He kept saying he was a Marine. Then he deleted it. POS.

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    I think you all scared the rat away. Thought for sure you'd trap and drown that sucker.

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