IST on July 13. Is it possible ?
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    IST on July 13. Is it possible ?

    Hey Marines. I know I have been bugging everyone here a lot over the past week. I'm sorry. But after talking to my recruiter today, I was told that on July 13th I am going to MEPS to take the ASVAB and that before all that happens I need to do the IST. I am not really even worried about the ASVAB, even though I need to score a 50 or higher to be accepted. I am worried about the 1 1/2 mile run, I have been practicing my running a lot but it has been almost all on the treadmill. I have been doig a lot on the treadmill because I didn't expect all these rules changes and thought I had almost a year to train. But I was blindsided by the rule changes and now have to be able to run it in two weeks. I can run it no problem on a treadmill but is it possible to do it the way the recruiter wants me to in such short notice ?

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    Running is running. You have 11 days to get "comfortable" outside. If you are going into the Marines it'll be helpful to know two things.

    1. semper gumby = always flexible

    2. Because of number one - we overcome, we adapt and we improvise.

    Step off.

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    running that IST should be easier outside on the pavement/trail than on the treadmill. And if I can be blunt, if you cannot put out the 10-15 minute effort it takes to complete the 1.5m run you have no place in the Corps

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    Two weeks is a long time. So, get outside, pound the pavement, and see what happens. You may be worrying for no reason. If there is a problem, you have two weeks to get squared away. There will be times when you'll wish you had two whole weeks to accomplish something.

    Rule #1: be flexible and expect the unexpected (the enemy will NEVER do what you expect him to do).

    Rule #2: refer to rule #1

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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