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    Did I miss something?

    Recently I applied for a job with Costco. To point a fact, I’ve applied a number of times with Costco and numerous other stores in and around Salem.
    I was in the United States Marine Corps. I was a Sergeant. I was responsible for a 68 ton M1A1 Main Battle Tank and the lives of countless Marines during my two combat tours in Iraq. I was honorable discharged from the Marines.

    Yesterday I went to Costco to refuel my car and what I saw and heard astonished me.
    A man, whose name tag said St. Patrick, had a Nazi SS tattoo behind his right ear. To be fair, that didn’t bother me. People have freedom of speech and I'll defend that to the death. He also had a confederate flag tattoo on his right arm. Again, doesn’t bother me. His body – his right. The fact that these tattoos were in plain sight only kind of bothers me. Seems kind of unprofessional, but he’ a fuel attendant. While I disagree wholeheartedly, society doesn’t expect those with a minimum wage job to look very professional (and maybe that's what a fuel attendant looks like when professional). Besides, I have a number of tattoos myself. However, I keep mine covered in a professional setting.

    Then St. Patrick decided to talk about strippers and prostitutes. His conversation, while at a busy moment at Costco’s refueling station, got him laughing so hard that he could barely do his job. Once he was done with his stripper/prostitutes conversation, he moved on to making fun of customers, specifically an Asian man. He was doing all this in front of my car.
    This is the person who was hired over me. This is the better choice to represent Costco than a United States Marine.
    And this isn't the first time this has happened. I applied for Comcast a few years ago and learned that a convicted felon was hired over me.
    Last summer I applied with a temp agency. As I was waiting for my turn to be interviewed, a man walked out and asked the interviewer if his two felonies would be OK. The interviewer told him that he’d take care of it. When my turn came around, I sat in a chair next to a sign which read “We hire vets” while the guy said he didn’t have anything for me.
    Am I alone in this? Has anyone else noticed this sort of thing since leaving the Marines?

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    Could be that they thought you were over qualified. Might think about Fire Dept, Police Dept, or Park Ranger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    Could be that they thought you were over qualified. Might think about Fire Dept, Police Dept, or Park Ranger.
    I've applied there too. Not even an interview.

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    Don't know if healthcare interests you any but I know lots of vets who work at the hospital where I do. There is another Marine on my team and our supervisor is a former sailor. If you don't want to go back to school and get a medical credential, there are jobs in housekeeping, laundry, medical records, nurses aids, monitor techs, biomedical technician (they repair medical equipment), unit secretaries, human resources, phlebotomists (they draw blood), and others I'm forgetting about.

    Who knows why employers pick one applicant over another. Sometimes, it's just a matter of knowing somebody. In my hometown in Ohio, the major employer is a steel mill but, if you don't know somebody already working there forget about. I didn't so eventhough I applied after highschool never got a call for an interview. Good thing, never would've joined the USMC if I had gotten hired on there.

    As you've found, alot of employers talk a good game about hiring vets but they're just blowing smoke.

    Truth is, our economy plain sucks as does the employment situation. Anytime anybody gets on here and talks about getting out I always advise them to just stay in. What really gets me is when they have a wife and kids and they have to ask if getting out is a good idea...duh!

    Good luck with finding something real soon.

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    Yep, Tenn. Top is correct on all counts. There really are not a lot of jobs for tankers out in the 1st Civilian Division. Most likely something will come along and you will be very happy with it. Good luck to you.

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    Top is correct. Take your GI bill and get qualified in the medical field. There are tons of jobs and you can train for some of them quickly and some take a while. Your educational benefits will cover the costs. I did it (not in medicine but in education) 30 years ago and my USMC bearing along with my teaching certification landed me a job before I graduated. You can do it MARINE!! And stay in the reserves (regardless of branch..Marine, Army, Air Force, Navy or in the Guard) because it can add greatly to your income later in life. As it turned out for me, having been activated for Iraq, I ended up with over 13 years active years and a very healthy retirement check. Good luck Gyrine!

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    I completed a two year program in respiratory therapy after I punched out. My old GI bill covered every penny PLUS there was some left over I put toward my rent (don't know if the new Montgomery Bill, or whatever it's called today, would do the same). Had 3 written job offers before graduating; could've had more but I took one of those so quit sending out resumes. Worked at the same hospital ever since and never been laid off or without a job.

    Good thing about healthcare is no matter what the economy is doing, people still get sick, cancer, shot, wreck their cars/ATV's, motorcycles, smoke and wreck their lungs, have babies, (I deal with all these patients) etc. Bad thing is, many can't afford to pay their bill but some of that will change now that Obamacare has been made legal. Hospitals are not a sure thing; there is one huge hospital sitting empty here in town but all the others seem to be in good shape financially.

    You can get a registered nurse's credential in 2 years and there is a huge need out there for them. The current RN population is aging and young people aren't going into that career field in the numbers needed to replace the older nurses leaving. In my experience, male RN's get hired first because the director of nursing wants lifting/turning help for the female RN's on her staff (they are usually happy to see a male RN).

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    @vineyard: There wouldn't be something that you aren't telling us, would there? I'm trying to say this politely, but: Do you stutter? Do you wear clean clothes to these interviews? Maybe there is something besides "Marine Corps" that is turning people off.

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    Have you tried DES? they have a vet. rep., if not, then there's a job you might be able to fill. A lot of stuff could have happened, something wasn't filled out, you might have too long to fill out the app. If you filled it out by hand, maybe something was illegible to the employer. Always call the place you applied at to make sure your application has arrived, and ask if an interview is possible within the week. So they know your serious about your job. You might have to 'Marine' down as not to intimidate also. Keep it simple. Good Hunting.

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    How about your own personal networking? I have noticed that most of the people I know are currently finding jobs through "hook ups" friends, relatives, parents ect.

    If you are into or think you might have some interest in aviation shoot me an email. Aviation is very pro military and you can use that GI bill at a military friendly school and they will even cut you a break on tuition.

    Dont give up! network the heck out of everyone you know! Im sure there are many people that would be proud to refer a marine.

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