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    Va help/question

    I am seeking help for my brother in law. He is an Army vet (1st mistake), currently receiving 40% disability. Rumor has it that he is supposed to be receiving at least 60% and should have been from day 1.

    Question is: How does he get the right answers on what he is "actually" supposed to receive and if this is the case, can he get back pay for the time that he should have been receiving the 60% vice the 40%. His current state is Oklahoma if this matters or will help out.

    Open for any and all suggestions. Please help.

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    Look up a Veterans Service Officer (VSO) , they can be found at the local VA, or the Marine Corps League/VFW/American Legion. Sometimes you can find them at the VA hospital/clinic in your area. VA form 4107VHA is general info on "your rights to appeal" the VA decision.

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