Evening ladies and gents, question I have is I am seriously thinking about eventually going officer side of the Marine Corps (not sure if it is a grass is greener thing but from the Jr Marine side it looks a lot better) I am 28 years old so im not exactly years from being too old for a comission.

I am wondering if I will need an age waiver even though id be prior enlisted? I thought ti went off of when you first enlisted?

I have about 87 or so credit hours already and I am in the 0261 MOS school at the NCE right now I hear a lot of these classes are worth college credits. So assuming I finish off my Bachelours within the next year or 2 I should be almost qualified for OCS to my limited understanding.

I was thinking about waiting till I pick up CPL or which Im guessing id have to do which is wait till the end of my contract. What is the best way to go about this?