Marine Wife wanting to join the Marines
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    Question Marine Wife wanting to join the Marines

    I'm a 23 Marine wife, with a calf tattoo of an ox, and an active duty Marine husband. Our 3 year old has been recently diagnosed with Autism. He is currently getting speech therapy as well as occupational therapy. He gets to go to preschool early on account of his Autism.
    I have a sister-in-law married to a Marine Corps Veteran. Their daughter just turned 10 months old and her husband is out of work.
    We were both going to do the buddy system for boot camp. Her husband would bring his daughter come up to where we live to help out my husband with our son; acting as a care-giver.
    My sister-in-law would definitely be able to get in once she passes the weight requirements and IST; however I'm wondering if I would be able to go as well considering my circumstances.
    (Also note that my husband is thinking of re-enlisting, and my doing so is not just to provide extra for my family but also fulfilling a dream of mine)
    Now, I understand that alot of people may think of me being selfish; however if my husband doesn't re-enlist I'd be stepping up to the plate to provide the medical and financial benefits for our family.
    Please refrain from hateful comments, my questions are if I would be able to obtain a waiver for my calf tattoo as well as, would our family qualify for a family care plan while I would be in training.(That is if I even pass boot camp)
    Thank you ahead of time for any answers and advice you'd be able to provide

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    well mam, it will be tough,, and if the separation is long now, just think if you and your husband get stationed in two separate places,,, a world apart,, and you and your friend may or may not be in the same place much ether,, so are you prepared for all of that? just think you should think long and hard about that,, and how does your other half feel about it,, how much discussing have you two done,,

    but good luck in what ever you decide,,

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