Corrective eye surgery before enlisting?
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    Post Corrective eye surgery before enlisting?

    Ok well I when i received my physical at Meps they informed me that i was disqualified because my refraction error in my left eye was -8.25 (-8.00 is the limit). I went through the waiver process and was denied even though with glasses my vision is correctable to 20/20. I then talked to a buddy of mine that is an Army recruiter and he said that for the army a person could receive PRK surgery butwould have to wait around 6 months to enlist. Do the marines allow this? and if they do can i even try to enlist after a DQ. Please help because my recruiter is not even sure. Thanks guys

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    First thing youngman...

    WE are Marines. Not GUYS.
    Please take note that Marine is always capitolized ..

    It's your recruiters job to find out the answer to your
    question. That is part of his job...IF he doesn't know it,
    he should be professional enough to find out..and inform
    You may not be the only person he ever deals with that needs
    the correct answer.

    In the NORMAL world , you'd think corrective surgery would allow you
    to qualify for enlistment.....????? Logic doesn't hold true when talking
    about the US Navys Medical Department And Marine Corps requirements !!!!!!!

    I hope the answer is a simple YES.
    Best of luck to you.
    Don't give up.

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    Sorry, i meant no disrespect. It is all just very confusing because every Marine recruiter and the liason have said that i am the first recruit they have had with this issue. Also, thanks for the support. I will not give up my dream until i have exausted every resource i can find.

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