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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverGive Up View Post
    im always looking for (((knew))) knowledge that can help

    Quote Originally Posted by SoftballCatch23 View Post

    Basic... .
    that's the Army.

    There's nothing basic about Marine Corps boot camp.
    And not that this has anything to do with your questions, but try using capital letters at beginning of sentences and capitalize the letter "I", punctuation marks were needed, and periods at end of sentences.
    Quote Originally Posted by NeverGive Up View Post

    Yes sir thank you.
    Pardon me if I just call you "Poolee"
    One thing that will get you into, or keep you out of trouble in
    the MarineCorps ,
    is paying attention to DETAIL.

    Please be advised to look closely @ softballcatchers ICON
    thingamajiggy= HockeyPuck also sometimes referred to.
    NOTICE where it says WOMAN MARINE @ the bottom,
    under the EGA...

    There may or may not be a time when you go in search of FEMALES
    while you're in the military. Learn how to hunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverGive Up View Post
    Yes sir thank you.
    I'm not no Sir. This is why we fill profiles out so we know who we are talking to. And is my avatar not big enough that you can't read it.....or see it? Geeesh....
    As m14ed already mentioned....attention to detail, it's very important.

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    I ran a mile and a half in 13:00 right before I joined. I shipped out a little too early, I was one of those gamer kids. I hardly got outside and I was working a full time job 80 hours a week. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I had good upper body strength. Pull ups are your money makers, I could pump out 20 pull-ups so I didn't get it as bad as the other bad runners. But they will fix you, or break you, whatever comes first. I think that lead to a lot of pain in the long run. My left foot had a stress fracture in it all the way from 2nd phase of bootcamp through MCT. MCT really broke me off and my injury made me look weak(I never said "Hey my foot is broken" because one, nobody would care unless I physically couldn't walk, and two I didn't want to spend any more time in either place then I had to. Somewhere along the way though the Instructors always noticed without me saying anything that I was ****ed up and still pushing, and they respected it; not to say they took it any lighter on me. At MOS school I had it checked out, Doc said he didn't know how I made it this far and I was on sticks. Nothing worse then being on crutches in the Marine Corps but sometimes if you want to get better and back to a healthy state to PT in you gotta suck it up and look weak for a little, just prove em' wrong later. I guess I'm telling you all of my war stories as they are just incase you run into something like this. PT is going to be a HUGE part of your life. You gotta start running like it is your life. You could be the most locked on Marine ever but if you fall out of every run, you're no better then Pvt. ****dart.

    Marines have a high standard, you'll meet it, you have no choice in the matter.

    Oh and I'm good to go now, got off those sticks as soon as I could and back to running. Graduated guide of my Platoon and earned the title of 1371 Combat Engineer.

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    Good stuff, PvtShane. I added part of that to my signature (with a reference, of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by PvtShane View Post
    Marines have a high standard, you'll meet it, you have no choice in the matter.
    well said devil!

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    Thank-you, Marines! Though the credit goes to my Drill Instructor, Ssgt. Roberts. Those words pushed me through some of my hardest days. I will forever Emulate that man to the best of my abilities.

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