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    Advice for a Poolee

    Im leaving for MCRDSD in august and my running isnt anywere near what it needs to be, any advice for a poolee on how to decrease his running time and increas his stamina?

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    Run every day, and every day run a little bit farther.

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    Thank you sir, this poolee will take that advice and put it into practice sir

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    Another good way to improve your running is to swim. It helps to increase your lung capacity.

    But nothing makes you a better runner, then running.

    You are having a mental block of what you think is pain, or the amount you can handle. I'm not talking about real pain, more like discomfort. Get out there and push yourself, imagine a crazed DI chasing you,, push, push. Get out in the woods, off the beaten path, and run like you are being chased. And breath deep.

    Run like Forrest gump.

    good luck

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    When I was a poolee, my run time was ****. 18:00 mile and a half run. what i did was run, but the most important thing is your diet. if you drink soda (the biggest thing) STOP. you will notice a drastic difference. if you eat fast food, stop. eat **** like noodles, rice, chicken, vegetables. diet is the biggest killer when it comes to running. good luck

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    You build endurance by running long distances. But, you have to get in the habit of pushing yourself so it's never a good idea to just jog along and take your time (you cannot take your time on the PFT). Measure out a course (mile, 3 miles, whatever) and run with a stopwatch. Set a time limit to beat; once you can finish that course in the time limit, then lower the time to beat so that you're always working toward a faster time.

    To run faster, you must train your leg muscles to go faster (if you always go at the same pace you'll never get faster). To do this, run sprints. Go to a track and sprint for 220 yards (quarter way around the track), walk the next 220, sprint the next 220, and continue. Again, take your stopwatch and time yourself; only way you'll know you're getting faster is to keep track of your times.

    Don't over do it. Running injuries are common especially just starting out. Warming up/stretching and cooling down are vital. Don't know if I would recommend running every day as that puts too much stress on your legs and feet. Incorporate running with your physical training regime. This will also help you from getting burned out on running. Good shoes with sufficient support are also vital; cheap shoes almost gaurantee problems.

    Good luck...remember your goal.

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    thanks you all for your advice ive been putting it into practice and already seeing results, i have another question if you would indulge a curious mind, what are the differences between enlisted life and civilian life? and what are the similarities

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    Good God. Describing the differences between Enlisted and Civilian Life could take a book to describe, depending on how deep you wanted to go and what units in the service you were talking about.

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    im going in for a SATCOM MOS so im not completely sure what it will entail

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    all im worried about is basics like quality of living

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverGive Up View Post
    all im worried about is basics like quality of living
    you'll be living in a barracks with at least 1 other Marine who will probably annoy the $hit out of you(or he'll become your best friend). The barracks are no luxury condo or even close to a nice apartment. But its all what you make of it, it can be the best experience ever or you'll hate life and want to hang yourself.

    Based on your MOS it should be relatively chill though. Your daily schedule should stay similar week to week. PT at 0500 or 0600 a few times a week, in to your shop at 0800, chow from 1100ish-1300ish, back to work until 1600 or 1700. You may have duty once or twice a month and possibly on a weekend, other than that you'll have liberty each weekend and you can pretty much do what you want(within reason of course).

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    thanks it just makes me curious sometimes what it will be like, i already know ill make it through basic, i beleive that with every fiber of my being so im not nervous about that, even if im not at the top physically and takes me a bit longer than i planned ill never give up on this, but what happens after basic is what worries me, so any knowledge of that is helpfull, im always looking for knew knowledge that can help

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    Basic...that's the Army. There's nothing basic about Marine Corps boot camp.
    And not that this has anything to do with your questions, but try using capital letters at beginning of sentences and capitalize the letter "I", punctuation marks were needed, and periods at end of sentences.

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    Yes sir thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverGive Up View Post
    Yes sir thank you.
    wait for it......

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