Pilot Age Requirement
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    Pilot Age Requirement

    I seriously want to be a pilot in the marine. I want to be a warrior first and get my hands dirty and serve my country by giving back. Iím currently 25 years old studying business management and aeronautical engineering. I only have two more classes to complete for my business course and will start studying aeronautical engineering this fall. I should be done in less than three years or two years if I just take two years of engineering. I have recently searched the web for age requirements to be a pilot which left me confused. The age requirements to be eligible for pilot slot when commissioned are 26, 27 and 28. Which age limit is accurate?

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    I can't say for sure for an Air contract but if you are not prior service the standard age limit to commission is 28. Keep in mind though that age is one of the few things that is waivered quite a bit so don't get too discouraged if you think you're too old.

    What you need to do though is talk with an OSO(officer selection office) in your area and get the ball rolling on a PLC(platoon leaders course) package which if you get selected for Air will guarantee you'll go to flight school. If you pass the flight physical of course.

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    oh and Marines is always capitalized!

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    Thanks for the reply, I'll start preparing myself right now.

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