Looking to switch from Active Reserves to Active Duty
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    Looking to switch from Active Reserves to Active Duty

    I just graduated bootcamp the 15th of June, I originally signed a 6x2 reserve contract, with my MOS being 0311. I scored a 75 on the ASVAB and my original plan to was to apply for the PLC program and try for officer. However, things changed when I found out my girlfriend was pregnant and now I'm looking to switch to active to provide for my son. I was just curious how the process works on trying to switch? I've heard you can do it in MOS school, I've also heard you can do it once you've completed MOS school, and you reach for reserve station. Any help will do.

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    I have heard its hell on earth to try to go active, those that do manage it took them couple of years. I myself do not like being a negative nancy when it comes to these things but... sadly Marine Corps is also trying to cut down on active duty.

    should of wrapped it before you tapped it bro! But congrats man!

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    your best opportunity would be to get on a deployment. I tried twice in my first couple of years in the Corps to switch over to active duty. I got lucky and got to go on a deployment this last year. It is possible but the paperwork on it takes quite a long time and with the Marine Corps in the process of trying to downsize I would say it is pretty improbable that it would happen.

    If you are having any sort of financial trouble, go through your chain of command once you check in to your reserve unit and your I&I staff/command should be able to help you out somehow. Whether it be putting you on ADOS orders, a deployment, or something else that is what they are there for is to help you out.

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