I'm borrowing this from my friend Arley to share with you all.

Arley W Steinhour
Invitation to a Wedding
By Arley Steinhour 062212

My soul feels just like a flask, Holy Spirit fills,
More and more, as I drink from your cup,
Free from the suction of Satan's tendrils,
Enjoying of your bounty, like half grown pup.

Your words washing cleaner than water from well,
That cleanses the spirit, way down to the bone,
Never more, the need for a Doctor's spell,
Nor, cowering position, before Satan's Clone.

Soon, we stand before your Holy throne,
Glorified body, white robe, and crown,
Uncountable group, yet each alone,
Joyously praising, unable to frown.

We stand on Throne Room floor supernal,
With arms raised, waving, in Praise
Angelic Voices, crisp, clean, and Eternal,
If there is one, your roof we will raise.

A study, I read this morning,
About the Wedding Feast,
Was sent, to give fore-warning,
Christians gone, from top to least.

The logic for the joyous news,
Use Wedding rules to count,
God's 'Signs, and Seasons,' for the Jews,
As seen, from Temple Mount.

He says, signs one thru seven, of eight,
Have been filled already, this year,
With Jesus, souls must all be straight,
Those not, endure seven years of fear.

No matter if he's right or wrong,
No matter when Rapture be,
If your soul can't sing Jesus' song,
Then the 'Rapture,' can't set you free.


Should you want to learn to fly,
And, can't afford the fee,
Before the Rapture, or you die,
Turn to Jesus, learn for Free.