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    5811 to 0311

    I am currently a 5811 (mp) i have been a field side mp my 3 yrs in and have 1 combat deployment and one HA deployment. I am lat moving into 03 field because we are currently going to be leb battalions as mps. This means switching between pmo (cop) and field side. I love field and do not want to go pmo. I was open contract thats how i have tge mos.i am still a lcpl because our cutting score is geberally higher then eveb 03 scores

    Just wanting to know how itb will go for a pog lcpl lat moving since i am not an nco but have been in the fleet? What kind of crap should i expect from my uni when getting to a grunt unit? I deployed with 3rd lar so i have done my time on deployment as any other 03 any feed back will be appreciated

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    Let your imagination run wild on this one bro, its gona be a haaaaaaze fffffest, which is what your looking for right? It all works out man but hey have fun and make sure your arent married either, living in your nice little home and not the barracks with your platoon of hard chargers may be frowned upon.

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