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    When my boyfriend told his parents that we was enlisting, he got the whole "biggest mistake of your life" speech the "oh my god how could you do this to us speech" and the "you're selfish for joining speech" (I still don't get that one). When he told my parents, my father offered right away to go with him to all of his poolee functions and everything. My father was the one who go intouch with his recruiter and came with me when we went to MEPs to send him off. My mom's reaction was one of first shock and then it turned into "this is going to help you get your life in order and teach you skills that you will keep for the rest of your life. (My father is retired USAF and my mom was giving an opinion from being an USAF wife.) To this day, my boyfriends parents are not happy but learning to accept it slowly.

    There is always going to be a negative person. Don't let them get to you. What your son and every other member of the military is doing is a great thing that deserves enormous amounts of respect.

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    These comments have been around since the inception of our Marine Corps, which was by the way started in of all places a bar. Such people with their negative attitudes will never understand the breed that is called Marine. Back in our day we were also called "Baby Killers" aka Kerry the traitor *****. We were also asked why not join the air force, or wait to get drafted. Simply put, the Marine mind is different.

    Of all the things I have graduated from in my life the pinnacle of graduations was MC Bootcamp at PI. Nothing else in our lives comes close so if you are able to attend your sons graduation please do so. Earning the title is one thing, for me and many like me I became a Marine with my overseas tour. It is what Marines do.

    One of my very best friends today retired after 30 years in the army as a Lt Col. I can't remember how many times he has shared with me that he has always wished that he had become a Marine. Marines are respected for life wherever we go and future job prospects will emerge simply because your sons were Marines.

    If your sons are really lucky and fortunate they may be able to enter the Marine Corps in the ultimate Marine MOS, Marine Corps Infantry. We are the top breed, we are the ones that stand out even amongst other Marines. Many of the doors that have opened for me in my life were a result of my Infantry mind-set. Just saying.

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    OuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuRah !


    be carefull if you gotta hang out with that 0300 group though.

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    Advanced - I agree with the comments, not from personal experience of course but from observation.

    I'm told "The branch chooses the person...not the other way around." I interpret that to mean there is a certain calling everyone sees differently that speaks to what they are made of, hence the choice they make.

    My son chose a 5 year contract with 03XX as primary and UV. I'm not sure I've stated that correctly but he views it as the best of both worlds for him. 03 pride plus gaining security clearance and some other training with his sights on either a career in the Corps or a Fed job along the way after he obtains his BS degree. Whatever the outcome I know he'll work hard. Right wrong or otherwise its his plan and I couldn't be more proud.

    I've had conversations with him as I've learned from other posts that he needs to keeps his head straight and be prepared for the fleet when the UV part ends. He is the type to have the right mindset in that regard.

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