Currently waiting a waiver
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    Currently waiting a waiver

    Alright here's the story...

    On 20120618 I was suppose to ship out to boot camp (Parris Island). Y'all know that same morning poolees gotta go through a last medical/paper examination.

    Going back in time now... 3 months ago I went to MEPS for the first time. Everything was straight no/good condition for me for any question. Perfect poolee.

    Now back to modern time... That same morning 20120618. When the doctor asked me "if anything has changed" i said "I had an allergic reaction to a cat back in '05". Gave me a PFT consult paper for a spirometry that same morning. Went to the corresponding facility to take my spirometry test. Came back to MEPS to have the doctor tell me that my numbers were low; so doctor temporarily disqualified me. Doctor told me that i still had a chance if i retrieved my medical records and wrote personal statements.

    Couldn't find any medical records; Hospitals do not hold any record after 6-7 years. Don't know if that is good or bad. Wrote 2 personal statements and my mom wrote one as well; as my marine recruiter said MEPS was asking one from her as well.

    *Remember all of this happened this past week beginning Monday (June 18th).

    Thursday (20120621) comes around and my recruiter tells me that MEPS accepted my written personal statements and continue to forward it to their Headquarters. I guess those are the steps for a waiver approval.

    Now i am just waiting for a reply.


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    You posted in the " Ask A Marine Forum ".

    Is there a Question ?

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    Success rate on these type of waivers?

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    You screwed yourself there son. How does the question, has anything changed in the last three months get answered with I had an allergic reaction to a cat back in 2005? To me that makes me think either you are dumb or theres something you didnt tell us. Either way if he documented what you said and your doctor has no record of it you might be lucky enough to still get sent or you could have just screwed yourself out of your slot.

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