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    Better some scumbag dresses in a pseudo-uniform to demonstrate his "freedom of speech" than to respect the people who put their lives on the line to gaurantee that right.

    Everyone knows if they (GIs)had any brains they would have gone to school instead of being in the "mill-a-tree"!

    When does our right of free speech begin with an ass-whooping of fake troopers? Warm up FistFu, we're going to the mall!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    More Marines come from Texas than any other state, Besides, we have shopping centers bigger than Arizona.

    Exactly why y'all should unite with those brush poppers in Arizona! You could then turn New Mexico into a huge outlet mall serving both sides of Texizona, or Arixas!
    Bet the Border Patrol of the new nation would be kick azz too! Hopefully more of us can pizz off the chimp in charge and he will kick us out too!

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    4 got too Add When My BrushPoopin ASS was goin on I rammed The Punks head up D.W's Ass B- I Dee Dee out so He could get Tha Real Scoop

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    Fist; you need to open up an Old Navy franchise there in brush-popperville! Run a bunch of hippies as floor clerks just so you could fire them at will!

    When you gonna start patrolling the border in your new Republic?

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    If Arizona were 1/2 the Population of TEXAS The Chimp In Charge would have too Nuke Us...Grow some Stones America!!!

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    There is not a old navy store close to me.

    I have never shopped there, and most likely wont in the future.

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