Creighton Uniforms.
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    Creighton Uniforms.

    This is my first time purchasing a Creighton Uniform. My DSCP short sleeve shirt is a size 15.5, and I found one on eBay in that size for pretty decent price at $30. However when I purchased it I took a closer look and it said "U.S. Navy" on back tag. Now I was wondering is there a difference between the Navy khaki short sleeve and the USMC khaki short sleeve? Are Marines still allowed to wear them even though it says "US Navy" on the tag? Any help would be great. I just hope I didn't waste $30 on a uniform shirt that I can't wear. Thanks


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    Pretty sure there is a difference. Technically you should only make purchases from MCCS locations or their website. It may seem expensive but they are worth it. I purchased one long and short sleeve Creighton in 2001 and they are still serviceable. When it comes to uniforms, I would be hesitant to purchase anything I haven't put my hands on first.

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    I would not wear it during a personnel inspection or use it in a wall locker inspection.

    Daily use? Go for it. You might even want to grab a black Sharpie and write U.S.M.C. over that Navy blasphemy.

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    Thanks for the input... I ended up returning it to the seller don't want to take any chances

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    I know this post is from last month, but if you havent already bought another shirt, I would go by your cash sales. The new issued khaki shirts are almost as thick as the Creightons and have permanent creases. They are only 25-30 bucks brand new. dont waist your money on Creighton.

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