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Thread: Pull ups HELP!

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    Pull ups HELP!

    Idk why I cant manage to get my pull ups. I enlisted in January and im leaving in 2 1/2 months and I can only manage 1 pull up! I can easily do over 100 crunches and my run is 13:22 atm (first IST was 18+). Im 6 foot 2 and about 225. I bought a pull up strap and that has helped alot. Actually one day at PT I did about 60 pull ups with my strap, not all at once but before, during and after and its about 75 pounds of assistance. Is there another exercise I can do to help build up the muscle or am I just a fat body and need to loose more weight? Please no hate responses, just help!

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    Hey brother. I've been in your boots and I still am with my crunches. I depped in back in September of 2011 with not even being able to bend my arms. As a fellow Poolee being 6' 2" and starting at 228 I see where you are. If you want to be able to get in a few more pull ups I can suggest to you what I did. The straps are nice but it's like doing push ups on your knees. Just push yourself as hard as you can and your muscles will grow. I'm guessing you have a pull up bar in your house correct? Well every time you pass by it do a max set of pull ups. Even if it's just one, your arms if pushed hard enough, will start to build up a lot quicker than with the help of the straps. I'm now at six pull ups from just trying it for three months. It's not the quickest way to get the pull ups, if you want quick try the pyramid, but you'll get in at least three by the time you ship out with what I did. As a "fat body" how did you get over 100 crunches? I ship in less than a month and need to get up since I'm stuck right now at 55.

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    I shouldn't say fat body, ive just heard the term used pretty loosely on this forum. thanks for the advice ill defiantly try that! As far as the crunches go I could't tell you how I do it I just can. Every IST I have ever done I always do well with crunches but I have a gut still. If you wanna get you crunches up try doing about 50 crunches and then 25 elbow to knee while laying on the ground. Do that at least 3 times a day and I'm pretty sure you'll get results! Again thanks for the advice!

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    Your body weight is going to be the biggest obstacle.

    Yes, you want your arms to grow, but they will not grow nearly as fast as you can drop body weight.

    Like Hobbes suggests, I agree with trying to sneak in an extra set any time you pass by something that looks like a pull-up bar. Increasing your arm strength is very important.

    I'm just saying your results will come faster if you reduce your overall calorie intake so that your body weight drops. When you reduce your calories, though, be sure to start taking in quality calories to fuel your body. Donuts don't go far towards building muscle mass.

    I go to the gym daily. On chest days, I warm up by doing three (3) sets each on the speed bag and the dip bar. With just my body weight, I can do 3 sets of 40 dips. Today I wanted to go heavier, so I strapped a 45-lbs plate around my waste and only managed to get 3 sets of 10 dips. So, if I were 45-lbs heavier, I would only be managing 10 dips with my same arms.

    Keep at it. You'll get there. And when you do, it'll be one of those "Hell Yeah!" moments.

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    Thanks! and I kinda know what you mean, after months of not gettin **** when I got that first pull up I was like **** YEAH!

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    LOL - looks like the forum's swear sensor got you.

    Just as a friendly FYI: The site owner put those there for a reason. If you get caught trying to get around it by spelling the words wrong, it can get your account suspended.

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    100 pushups in the Morning and another at Night.
    You'll have arms like Popeye.
    That will pull you up and down and up and down.

    Stay with it.

    Good Luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhode Island View Post
    100 pushups in the Morning and another at Night.
    You'll have arms like Popeye.
    That will pull you up and down and up and down.

    Stay with it.

    Good Luck.
    Thank you I did 200 throughout the day yesterday but it was in 5 different sets

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    I got up to 12 by doing negatives from 0 pullups in just under 5 months and then i stopped doing it (biggest mistake) now i can barely bust out 6-8 so to anyone who does this don't stop YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

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    You definitely need to lose some weight, but you're week for your size anyway. I weigh 175 lbs, and I can do 10 pullups with a 45 lb weight hanging on a dips belt (which makes me weigh 220 lbs). On your frame, there's really no reason I should do 10 pullups at your weight if you can only do one.

    First, go on a protein heavy diet to cut fat and allow for muscle growth. Then, do pullups!!! I would also recommend switching to an outboard grip, as it will force your lats to play a larger role in your pullup. The lats are a much larger muscle group than the biceps, so they'll develop more quickly.

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    Lol I know it depends on the person, but say you get the minimum requirements to go to boot camp. You ARE going to lose weight.. I went to boot camp weighing 165pds and came out weighing 145pds... I did 19 pull ups when I left boot camp, and could only do 11 going in.. Trust me man, your pull ups will go up.. Push ups, pull ups, and a healthy diet.. should get you more pull ups, but it takes time.

    1st Batallion Charlie Company!!! OORAH! lol

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    I posted this a while back and im actually up to doing 3 now but I do appreciate all the advice

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    Know this is an old thread, but some more advice for you:
    Once you get to like 10, 11, 12ish pull-ups, you'll probably hit a plateau. To bust through it, you'll want to do Backburners. I was taught this when I was at that plateau by a Pool(ee) (now a Recruit) at my RSS who did 41 pull ups, so it works. It got me from 11 to 21 pull ups in a little over 2 months, doing it twice a week (it should be noted I also lifted weights and did cardio work every day as well).

    Get a partner. You're gonna do 10 sets of pull ups, one of you will do it, then as soon as they jump off the other jumps on the bar. Every set should be 5 pull ups. That's your goal...if you only hit 4, 4 is the minimum per set. If you can't hit 4, start doing 4 negative pull ups per set. Let yourself down as slow as possible! Be sure to switch quickly.

    Once you are done with that, take a break for a minute...you're a third of the way through! That's right, you do 3 sets of [10 sets of 5] each person.

    Have fun, do it twice a week. Your pull ups will sky rocket, I promise.

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    What's a Backburner?

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    A Backburner is the 3 meta-sets of 10 sets of 5 switching off with a partner that I explained in my post. Really does help.

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