Can we PCS to Oki with Misdemeanor?
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    Question Can we PCS to Oki with Misdemeanor?

    Ok so I made a bone head mistake can decided to shoplift (don't ask me why...I couldn't tell ya). Anyway I got caught and have a court date this wed. I'm concerned because my husband got orders to Okinawa and I depserately want to go because we have three children under 2.5 years of age. But in some of the paperwork they give you they ask about criminal activity by anyone in the family in the last 2 years. If I've not yet been convicted do I have to disclose that pending trial? Or if I do if I plead no contest instead of guilty can I still go? Because it will be a misdemeanor I know it for sure (it was a electric picture frame, and some clothes). Freaking out at the thought of being away from my husband for two years, or making him ruin his career.

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    Fill out your profile first, then PM a squad leader and the thread can be re-opened.

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    Profile filled out, thanks.

    I'm no lawyer, but I would say since you're only technically charged, that you should be ok with not disclosing it. However, from your writing it appears to be a blanket statement i.e. -- "criminal activity by anyone in the family in the last 2 years." and reading into that statement gives me pause.

    What is criminal activity? And, who/what defines that?

    We have a few Marines around that are well versed in the "law", I'm sure they, and/or the rest of our fine "sea lawyers" will give you some advice.

    Good luck, I know you didn't come here to be scolded, but since you are here and since I have an opinion, my two cents advice FWIW --> think before you act -- you have kids. Just as much as your husband is supposed to be a leader in your family, so are you.

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    I think these are issues you should be talking about with your Husband who is a Marine and also an Attorney not on an " Open Forum " on the Internet.

    Good Luck to you.

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    No ,Hell no you broke the law.
    If you do it over there they want be as easy as the law here in the great USA.. If you go to Okinawa ,Japan an get caught you want get a slap on the hand you will go to jail.. and it ain't nice at all..
    Stay home get help for your Kleptomania !! You need help badly so get it before you venture overseas...

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