Start Using Your Authority

Author: Pastor Gary Keesee | Posted: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 12:50pm

You know, when you read the Bible you donít find Jesus praying to God to heal people. No. Jesus had been given the authority. He acted on His Fatherís behalf with power and demonstration.
Look at Matthew 8. Jesus went to Peterís house and saw Peterís mother-in-law lying in bed with a fever. He touched her hand and the fever left her. Then she got up and started to wait on Him.
Notice that it doesnít say that Jesus called a prayer meeting with the church staff. It doesnít say that He called for everyone to go on a 55-day fast. No. It says Jesus touched her and she was healed.
Jesus healed all of the sick this way. He decreed it so and it was so. You wonít find any scriptures where Jesus was saying, ďGod, please do this.Ē He drove demons out. He drove them out with a word, not a prayer.
And, you know what? Godís plan was to have a whole body of believers out there doing the same things Jesus did. His plan was to have YOU out there doing the same things Jesus did! II Corinthians 5 says that youíre the ambassador of the Kingdom of God. Ephesians 2:6 tells us that God raised us up with Christ. Pay close attention to this scripture. If God raised us up with Jesus and seated us with Him, then you are seated at the Fatherís right hand. Since you are seated, you must be on the throne. That infers kingship and authority. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE SAME AUTHORITY AS JESUS.
And, you have a mighty government that backs you. Just like a sheriff who can pull over a semi-truck many times his size because he has a badge, you have authority. You have the Kingdom of God backing you.
So, when you speak in agreement with heaven, all heaven beckons to carry it out. This is why the Bible teaches us about the power of our words. When you speak in agreement with heaven, the devil canít tell you apart from Jesus.
If you really got this, you wouldnít just be surviving life. You would be kicking the devilís butt! You should be! You should be reigning in life and demonstrating authority. But you have to stop buying into the enemyís lies. You have to stop thinking that God is holding out on you. Enough is enough! Satan doesnít want you to know who you really are and itís worked! He has deceived you into thinking you have no authority in your life.
Why are you putting up with this stuff? SAY SOMETHING! Tell him to stop! Take authority! Stop talking about what the enemy is doing to you and start talking about what you are doing to him!
The world is crying out for justice. People want heroes. Thatís YOU!
Will you decree it? Will you speak up? Will you enforce Godís justice in the earth realm and make a difference in your life and in the lives around you?
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