devoloping pain tolerance for running
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    devoloping pain tolerance for running

    Holla Marines. Just something that I wanted to share. I've been going to spin classes lately (1-3 times a week) and I noticed an improvement in my running. Spin classes are a great way to improve your endurance and pain tolerance while running so you can keep running that fast pace and reach your goals. What I noticed was that i developed more stamina while running, basically pain tolerance and what not. Just trying to put the word out there to current poolees and or Marines trying to fix up their running.

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    Biking is great for improving your running, yes.

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    What kind of pain are you talking about? There is a difference between being short-of-breath and shin splints.

    Many times, pain is your body's alarm signal that something is wrong and you need to stop doing what it is that's causing the pain. For example, chronic compartment syndrome is an overuse injury normally caused by running on hard surfaces such as concrete roads. Compartment syndrome builds up pressure between the blood vessels and bone in your shins and is very serious. Left untreated, the tissues in your shins will be deprived of the blood flow they need and die potentially leading to amputation of the leg from the knee down (extreme cases). The treatment for compartment syndrome is a faciotomy (cutting into the tissue) to relieve the pressure. Had this done on both my legs.

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