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    Well, now Wolfeman! That heritage is interesting! As my mother's ancestry migrated from Ireland back 9 generations ago, As a young lad of 17, William Mustard stowed away on a ship full of cattle to America to escape the gallows! (May be where I get my comical side from) Long story, but an interesting one. Married up with Sally Brown, a girl with a condition known as 'straight fingers'. (Missing one knuckle) That trait is still prominent in Bland County.. Then, he drowned in New River, as many has...AS far as changing your status..I wouldn't worry about it much. Most of us has figured out how it got there and I don't think changing it will change much. (Besides, I don't know how).....Sempers!

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    bodidly58 - Wow, that's an interesting story! I can't think of a better way to escape a hanging than to leave the country. I'd like to hear more about it if you know more. Do you remember what he was charged with, or if the charges were true or false? A death sentence could be handed out for fairly inconsequential stuff back then. Do you know the ancestry before William Mustard?

    I have almost a dozen different nationalities throughout my ancestry, but the most prominent are Irish on my father's side and Austrian and Hungarian on my mother's. My grandfather on my father's side is a family historian, and has been able to trace the family back to 1100 AD on his side and just before 1000 AD on my grandmother's. The immigration didn't occur until the year 1900.

    Like you said, I won't worry about my status. Thank you for your time and interest in my posts. Semper Fi!

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    A geneologist friend of ours (now deceased) did all the research. I have a 305 page reflection of it. William Mustard, as a lad of 17, along with a few others, pulled a prank unsurpassed by many..... everyone knows of 'Irish wakes'.... as history tells it, William Mustard and some friends, ran some ropes thru the chinks in the chimney to a corpse in wake. During the sermon, they yanked on the ropes, causing the corpse to appear to come alive...Apparently, it caused quite an uproar...Even then, it was a crime punishable by death to molest a corpse, and a lynch mob was formed...I will be glad to send you the details as soon as I get the book back from my niece....

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    That is a heck of a good prank, though I can understand the anger of the family of the one who died. It might have been worth it, though, to see the looks on their faces. No doubt at least one of the group, if not all, were looking through the windows while they pulled on the ropes. When you get the book back, I'd like to hear more about Mustard's life.

    My grandfather has only sparse parts of our family history; it's mostly geneology. With one exception, the tales we have are since they immigrated to America.

    FYI - I may be going offline soon. We're about to move (hopefully), but to a place without internet for quite some time. I'll still be able to check in at the local library when possible, but not sure how long between check-ins or when or even if I'll be offline.

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    Will do, Wolfeman. Keep in touch! Who knows? Our Irish genes may have crossed paths at one time! Semper-Fi!

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    Hey Wolfeman this threads kind of dead but I've been googling ELS separations since the Legion sent me an invite.
    I graduated boot camp May 6, 1983 along with my twin brother Jon. Proudest day of my life.
    Anyway I served roughly 160 days active and was discharged medically preexisting. I could have had surgery but declined.

    I earned my EGA but basically my ELS means none of it ever happened.

    I thought of having surgery and going back in but I never did and at 47 it's way to late.
    If I was in your shoes and you want the ribbons and medals I'd try to get a waiver and join a less demanding branch.
    But whatever you do don't wait too long like I did. We lost Jon in a car accident. He served 4 yrs in the Corps and 6 or so in the Air force. I wish I'd stayed with him and had those memories.

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    Well said, Shadow. I concur.

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