Seeking to replace my father's Vietnam Dress Blues.
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    Seeking to replace my father's Vietnam Dress Blues.


    When I was just a little girl, my father lost his uniforms, medals and records in a fire. He served in the USMC for four years from 1968-1972, stationed in Okinawa.

    The only article he has left is his tags. I'd like to replace what he lost as a gift to him, hopefully as a surprise on the 4th of July.

    Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how I can get replacements for his uniform? I don't think the medals/ bars will be terribly difficult to find online but I wasn't sure where to begin in search of a uniform.

    Thank you!

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    1. Sgt Grit (
    2. Medals of America (authorized medal provider)

    You didn't mention this but presume you know what medals your father earned. If not, obtain a copy of his DD214. It will list those he's entitled to wear. Replacement of personal decorations can be had at no charge. How to order elsewhere on this website.

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