A Typical Rifle Company T/O - Research for a work of fiction
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    A Typical Rifle Company T/O - Research for a work of fiction


    A buddy of mine is a platoon sergeant in the Marine reserves here in St Louis and has been a wealth of info for a novel I'm working on. However, he's incommunicado for the next week or so, and I'm at a bit of a stuck point.

    I would like to get a typical Marine Rifle Company T/O with the usual ranks of each position (HQ element, corpsmen, etc, on down). I've been able to hunt and peck on the web for this and that info, but I'd rather hear what a real-world unit would look like rather than an idealized internet version.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    well when i was in, and this was the early 70s i was stationed with Gulf Co. 2/9 in weapons plt, as an 0331,, my Company,,(Gulf co) our CO was a Capt,, we did not have an Ex. the next in line was the Co Gunny,, each plt, had a Second Lt. for there plt. commanders where possible,, my plt. has a Ssgt. as a Platoon Cmdr, at that time the Vietnam war was winding down and there was question as to whether the Marine Corps was even going to survive,, we had platoon Sgt. then the squad leaders were supposed to me cpl. but mostly they were Lcpl.

    A lot has changed since those days,, and i do not know any more how the structure is set any more,,
    sorry,, hope it helps some,,,

    The Proud, The Few, The Constitutional Marine

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    Company commander - Captain
    Company XO - a senior first lieutenant
    Platoon Commanders - second or first lieutenants
    Platoon sgt - SSgt
    Normally a squad leader is a Sergeant but depending on how undermanned they are it can be a Cpl or Lcpl.
    Each Platoon rates one corpsman usually a e-3 or e-4

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    CO - Capt. XO - 1st LT Plt Commanders - 1st/2nd LTs PLT Sgts - SSgt or Sgt Squad Leaders - Sgt / Cpl, however if you're undermanned or your NCOs are ****ty, a LCPL can be a squad leader Team Leader - Cpl / LCPL Each squad should also have a corpsman, either e-3 or hm3 Depending on each platoon and how many guys you have, you can have up to 4 squads, each with 2 or 3 teams in it. in a team, you have a team leader. in each team, you have 4 guys including the team leader.

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