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    Sorry I couldn't find a proper area to put this in but I guess this will have to do. Hi my name is John I am 18 and I'm a soon to be Poole, I have always been interested in the Marines since I was younger. I have a uncle and a cousin who are in the Marines. I'm interested in infantry and EOD

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    Hi John -

    Follow this link -->http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/sh...ES!-Read-FIRST!!!

    There you will find some basic information about the site and the rules we ask you to adhere to.

    First thing you need to do is fill out your profile. When that is done, PM me or another squad leader and we can re-open this thread.


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    Profile filled out.

    Thanks, and good luck.

    You can't go the EOD route until you have put in some time.

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    One of the recruiters at the station said you have to atleast be a Sgt. I don't remember.

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