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    By Sherrie Hammond (copyright 2012)

    God says, ďYour thoughts are not like my thoughts, Your ways are not like my ways. The heavens are higher than the earth. In the same way, my ways are higher than your ways. And my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. The Lord himself said these things (Isaiah 55:8,9-ETRV).Ē God does indeed always answer our prayers ... in His Way and in His Timing, not in our timing and not in our way. God's Way works better than our way. God teaches us how He answers our prayers. God says, ďMy words leave my mouth, and they donít come back until they make things happen . . . the things happen that I want to happen. My words succeed in doing the things I send them to do. My words will go out with happiness, and they will bring peace (Isaiah 55:11,12-ETRV).Ē God says, "I will know what they need before they ask. And I will help them even before they finish asking (Isaiah 65:24-ETRV)." Remember, God always knows the best answer and solution, and He provides in due time.

    How does God answer our prayers? In scripture, God logically reasons with us regarding how He answers our prayers. God tells us why His Ways work beneficially. Isaiah 55:10-13 tells the fullness of Godís higher intelligence in answering our prayers. God says, ďRain and snow fall from the sky. And they donít go back to the sky until they touch the ground and make the ground wet. Then the ground makes plants sprout and grow. These plants make seeds for the farmer. And people use these seeds to make bread to eat. In the same way, my words leave my mouth, and they donít come back until they make things happen. My words make the things happen that I want to happen. My words succeed in doing the things I send them to do. My words will go out with happiness, and they will bring peace. Mountains and hills will begin dancing with happiness. All the trees in the fields will clap their hands. Large cypress trees will grow where there were bushes. Myrtle trees will grow where there were weeds. These things will make the Lord famous. These things will be proof that the Lord is powerful. This proof will never be destroyed (Isaiah 55:10-13-ETRV).Ē When God speaks a command, or God speaks an order from His mouth, then powerful and great things happen. God speaks, and then Godís words make events occur. Therefore, every time we pray the words of God in our prayers, great and mighty divine things happen. When God wants something done, then He speaks what He wants done, and Godís Words make that thing happen in Godís way and in Godís timing. Therefore, speaking God's words in our prayers make mighty things happen.

    So how do we gain answers to our precious prayers? The apostle Paul teaches it is our faith in what God can do that makes good things happen in our daily lives. Paul teaches, ďFaith is the title-deed to the things we hope for. Faith is being sure of things we cannot see. The elders had this kind of faith long ago. It pleased God ... the person who comes to God must believe that He lives [exists]. That person must also believe that God will give rewards to the people who are searching for Him (Hebrews 11:1,2,6-SEB).Ē Our faith-filled prayers make wonderful things happen.

    In summary, our prayer goes up to God. Godís words leave His mouth to answer us. Godís answer makes our faith grow stronger. When we do not see a quick answer to our prayer, then God has a good reason for our waiting on an answer. The answer is delayed or postponed for our eternal good. While we look expectantly for God's answer to our prayer, the waiting time teaches us a continual hope-filled attitude in Godís good answer showing up at just the right moment in time. Our hope in Godís goodness increases our faith in God. Our continual expectancy for Godís beneficial answer increases our patient endurance, our faith, and our hope in God's goodness. God desires that His children mature in good spiritual qualities of faith, patience, and endurance. These spiritual qualities go on for all eternity. They lastóforever. Spiritual qualities never end. Therefore, these qualities build good character and create inner strength within us while we wait for Godís good answer to happen. When we grow stronger inside our spirit, then we become more like God and Christ Jesus. This is what God wants for His believing children ... to become just like His Son, Jesus. When we become more like God and Christ Jesus, then God is pleased. The apostle Paul teaches, ďWith one glory after another, we are being changed to look more like Him (2 Corinthians 3:18-SEB).Ē
    BLESSING: May Godís answers bless our daily lives with His lovingkindness. Amen in Jesus name.
    [God Always Answers Our Prayers, by Sherrie Hammond, copyright 2012, all rights reserved. Sources: ETRV = Holy Bible: Easy to Read Version, copyright 1996, published by World Bible Translation Center, Inc., P. O. Box 820648, Fort Worth, TX 76182-0648, printed in the USA. SEB = The Simple English Bible, New Testament, copyright 1983, American Edition published by International Bible Translators, Inc., International Bible Publishing Co., Inc., One World Trade Center, Suite 7967, New York, NY 10048, printed in the USA.]

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